Welcome on our website which is focused on French and German-speaking customers. Nevertheless we would be very happy to help you finding beautiful holiday homes in France or an interesting real estate investment in Germany. This website of the CIIIFA (Conseil pour l’Installation et l’Investissement Immobilier en France et en Allemagne) acts as a source of information and intermediary between the demand and the offer of real estate in Germany or France. First and foremost, it aims to inform people who want to either make a reliable real estate investment in Germany or to acquire a quality holiday home in France. It proposes a rigorous selection of properties likely to meet these criteria. Upon request, the CIIIFA creates a link between interested persons and real estate agencies or other providers. These services are free of charge. Therefore using this website does not establish a commercial link between the interested party and the CIIIFA. On the other hand, it is possible – exclusively on request – to charge the CIIIFA with a specific research on a commercial basis. In this case a concrete estimate will be sent to you beforehand.

The CIIIFA is completely independent and based on a mature competence during a long professional experience of Mr. Matthias ROSER in the renovation of old buildings and in real estate both in France and in Germany as well as on regular exchanges with other professionals in the two countries.

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