Buying a holiday home in France… Many English, Scots, Welsh and Irish dream and long for a retreat in France.


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Many people dream of living in rural seclusion and tranquillity in a beautiful landscape but do not want to be isolated. They wish to be able to enjoy some of what they may have lost and miss: time together, time for family and friends. They may dream of strolling through tranquil villages and towns, shopping for local products in markets, chatting with locals and having time for a coffee or a glass of wine whilst people watching. They may find it interesting to visit beautiful chateaux with their parks and ancient monasteries, and fascinating to see contemporary architecture and museums as well as seeing ancient stone and wood clad houses.

These ideas have become increasingly desirable because of the confinement resulting from the Corona virus. This has led to a noticeably more lively demand for real estate in the countryside. In addition the home office plays an increasingly important role. Life in the countryside not only exerts its charm during the holidays, but also allows city dwellers to move away to the country without having to fear of professional disadvantages. In short, many are looking for a change in lifestyle away from the pressures and pollution of city life. Efficient transport links by road and rail provide swift and easy connections between cities, airports and ports. The TGV runs frequently to Paris, Lyon and other metropolitan cities. For example, the French capital can be easily reached from Southern Burgundy in about one and a half hours (in comparison, it takes around four hours by car on the motorway which is seldom busy).



Those looking for a change in lifestyle will be richly rewarded in France. Most areas are easy to get to and it is a pleasure to drive on the quiet efficient motorways. Finally, to remind us of our time in France, there are always delightful new culinary or quirky finds to be purchased from local vendors, markets or “puces” (Flea markets). In summary, many who wish to buy a holiday home in France want to fulfil a dream. We can help by providing professional advice on the purchase and the pitfalls of French legal requirements. Whether you are buying a house in Provence, a small castle in Burgundy, an old mill in the Jura or a small farmhouse elsewhere, you can start your adventure with us on our website. In addition to general information about the country and people, you will find useful information about buying your holiday home in France.

UK and France have been closely linked since time immemorial, long before the arrival of the Romans and before William the Conqueror. There are many differences between the two countries, but there are at least as many links between them: history, language (Try to translate and you will see…), the Channel border, the same love of traditions and of old traditionally built houses etc. The fundamental knowledge of each other on both sides of the Channel, however, is surprisingly meagre and marked by prejudices of all kinds, both negative and positive. The reasons for this are manifold and the preconceived views often do not stand up to reality. Experience shows that people understandably have a certain reserve before committing to life in another country. What can I expect there? What are the legal regulations? What about the tax aspects? Is it a big risk? How can I find reliable professionals, from real estate agents to notaries and craftsmen? Are my language skills sufficient for the necessary inquiries and negotiations? What is the legal situation?

If you think about buying a holiday home or another property in France, you can first assume that the conditions, despite some differences, are essentially close to those in the UK. Nevertheless, it makes sense to seek competent help in advance and later, when purchases become confirmed.
Ultimately, the answer lies in the fulfilment of one’s dream of a better lifestyle. France offers a unique deal. The proof of this is expressed, for example, in the fact that France is by far the most visited country in the world and that people of other nationalities as well as the British, buy numerous holiday homes here and even settle here permanently.



The fact that the decision to buy a holiday home in France proves to be the right one in reality is the main concern of this website. The properties presented here are selected examples that meet different requirements, but are generally suitable as a holiday home or for a permanent home. They could be suitable for a retirement home, or to be used for bed and breakfast accommodation (chambres d’hôtes) or for apartment lets (gîtes). The spectrum ranges from small houses in the middle of the village to farmhouses, mills, rectories, mansions and chateaux.

What gives additional impetus to the purchase of a holiday home in France are the sometimes surprisingly low property prices. Although it is not reasonable to have something for every “budget”, the French real estate market offers highly interesting properties at reasonable prices. Even in countries further away than France, such as Portugal or Slovenia, prices have increased in recent years. In France, on the other hand the prices for holiday homes are slowly increasing. Those who invest their money here cannot speculate, but they can invest sensibly and sustainably. One of the reasons for this may be that a high number of French traditionally own holiday homes, and this is by no means only true for the Parisians. Thus, a certain demand is constant.

Take a look at our offers and you will be surprised. On request, we will also be happy to make other specific suggestions for your future holiday home in France or to analyse a property that you have otherwise discovered. Just talk to us. 

We wish you happy browsing and we are happy to be your companion. If you have any questions, our contact form is always available.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Yours sincerely,

Dr Matthias Roser